John(Can) Deris

John(Can) Deris is an independant researcher of molecular biolgy and genetics with a focus on medical diagnostic software. He has devoted the last 5 years to software in diagnostic medicine, which comprises algorithms based on machine learning. He spent most, if not all, of 2020 to layout the content of this web site, Project D.

He holds a bachelors degree in engineering from the Technical University of Istanbul(ITU) in 1976, and a Masters degree in Business Administration from the IIE (with HBS equivalancy) in 1978. Subsequently in 2015-2018 he attended the MIT OCW on Molecular Biology and Genetics.

Prior to Project-D, Mr.Deris worked in executive posts as well as an entrepreneur in the Energy management industry where he founded ENDA, the leading energy management firm of the 80’s. Yet he is most renowned as the founder and CEO of Compugraf Inc, the first computer graphics company of Turkey.

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